I am a Patternista.

Patternistas perceive both the outer beauty and the inner logic of the fabrics we collect. Patternistas bring both an aesthetic and an intellectual appreciation to what we do, constructing as well as consuming.

This eclectic collection is filled with visual Paulaisms, the point of view I've cultivated about complex fabrics. Like the quilts in my Kaleidoscopic series, my fiber friends would label the act of creating this line a fine example of Semper Tedium, our tongue-in-cheek phrase that celebrates the ritualistic act of creation for its own sake. But PATTERNISTA is more than a fabric line that took a very long time: it's a bridge to quilts made of simple shapes that read as complex, thoughtful acts of creativity.

Five of the patterns in PATTERNISTA are bilaterally symmetrical patterns composed of motifs that are the exact duplicates of one another. Each is rendered in four sumptuous colorways.

"Dragon Feathers" (#4561) can be harvested to yield an almost never-ending bounty of mirror imaged motifs.

"Chorus Line" (#4562) references one of the most iconic of the Art Nouveau patterns named Ianthe. My interest in things kaleidoscopic began in 1987 when I was struck by a bolt of this sinfully expensive fabric.

"Hills and Valleys" (#4564) and bold, electric "Scribbles" (#4563) function as stripes, automatically sliding the eye from here to there, forming visual pathways that instill an element of motion. Use them to make interesting lattices, borders and bindings. Laid out with obviously recurring elements, they provide symmetry and mirroring but are versatile forms that can be used randomly to great effect.

"Patternista Panel" has four different 16-sided kaleidoscopes with smaller scopes cascading along both selvedges. Don't be afraid. Cut it into patches. Frame the scopes with other fabrics. Quilt a yard into a baby quilt. Download the gorgeous, enormously fun Patternista Ornament instruction booklet at www.Benartex.com.  

"Sunstone" (#4319) is a nondirectional allover offered in eight colorways.