When asked how long one of my labor-intensive quilts took to make, I'm always tempted to answer: "My whole life." If a designer is lucky, some fabric lines merit the same response. After all, each time you come to the table, all the design savvy you've accrued comes too. Sometimes either the marketplace or some stage of the fabric-converting process forces you to get real. But other times, like in the case of the collection called OPULENCE for Benartex, you get to take a "What If" idea all the way to the quilt shop.

All of these fabrics are rendered for function and personality in keeping with the descriptions in my new book, PUZZLE QUILTS: Simple Blocks, Complex Fabrics.

MADAME BUTTERFLY (#1780), WACKY STRIPE (#1782), and MARBLE DIVA (#1784) are bilaterally symmetrical fabrics. The colors are rich, the patterning intricate and elegant. WACKY STRIPE is capable of steering visual traffic with its intense but subtle transitions from shade to shade. It's the perfect pattern to cut into simple patchwork shapes because it will multiple into spectacular yet unexpected effects. I've wanted to create a CLASSIC STRIPE (#1783) for a long time. Stripes automatically slide the eye from here to there. In this case, attaching a play of shading sets off vibrations that pop the stripe right off the fabric's flat surface. SHIMMER (#1785) is an allover pattern. Crammed with flecks and flashes of light and dark, it has the kind of forgiving temperament that makes it perfect for strip piecing. And last, but not least, MEGA MARBLES (#1781) is unique: a kaleidoscopic cheater cloth that combines my fascination with symmetrical motifs and abundantly vivid colors. Although typically I want to cut up any complex fabric put in front of me, these surprisingly large (9"), multi-hued circles work well when used as an uncut canvas.

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