When it comes to fabric, I‘ve got a serious case of wonderlust: I marvel at beautiful, extraordinarily patterned textiles, the kind that gets me wondering what I can make with it. I‘m in my happy place when I‘m nudging seemingly mutually exclusive designs into agreement, finding the junction where patterns dovetail. Being a maker has always been an irresistible precept because I crave the addictive, satisfying payoff when a vague idea becomes a solid product that can be shared with fellow makers.

So now for the reckoning, the big reveal: I get to introduce you to WONDERLUST. Here‘s hoping you like it as much as I do. Less painterly then the previous two collections, the black-outlined motifs create crisp and glorious color. Scroll down for the repeat sizes.

There are four patterns in three color ways: Multi, Blue Multi and Olive Multi.  Three are bilaterally symmetrical patterns with mirror images. #1711 Tapestry is a variation of an older pattern called Tile from NUANCE, my 2009 collection. I‘m finding it deeply satisfying to tweak artwork from previous collections. Once I‘ve worked with the actual fabric and realize how the pattern‘s design and function interacts, I sometimes wish I had a second chance. When I was designing Tile, I remember thinking it would be clever to try a diagonal, diamond layout. It wasn‘t until I had actual cloth that I realized the motifs I liked best weren‘t on the straight of grain. This limited positioning in a kaleidoscopic structure. Now, in the do-over version, all the symmetrical motifs are on grain.


Tile from the Nuance Collection (2009)


Tapestry from the Wonderlust Collection (2017)

#1713 Electric Slide is a cleverly plotted dot print guaranteed to slide the eye smoothly in any direction you want. Try it in sashing and borders.

#1712 Good Vibrations is a compelling pattern of organized dashes which always create animated pulsating texture.  Cut symmetrically or randomly. TIP: It makes great binding.
#1710 Super Kaleiders has a background story. They are reproductions of three of the twelve 20” square kaleidoscopic I made for my exhibition KALEIDOSCOPE QUILTS: The Art of Paula Nadelstern at the Museum of American Folk Art, NYC, spring and summer 2009. The twelve blocks were framed and mounted in a single installation titled KALEIDOSCOPIC XXXIV: The Never-Ending Kaleidoscope.

Since 2009, this artwork has gotten quite a workout. It‘s been used for notecards, an umbrella, museum quality giclée prints, and my 2010 book KALEIDOSCOPES & QUILTS: The Workbook.  

Here are images of the three different scopes showcased in WONDERLUST. The left side is the original patchwork and the right one is the WONDERLUST recolored version. We plan to include three more designs in the next collection, one in a Christmas colorway.  

Scope 1 Scope 1
Scope 1 Scope 1
Scope 1 Scope 1

Here is the link to the instructions for making the fabulous Opulent Ornament using these Super Kaleiders. Remember, more is MORE!
click Ornaments Instructions to download and read.

#1714 The ten Marbella colorways are allovers that read-like-solids, filled with tones and shades creating nuanced and textural surfaces instead of flat empty spaces. The black #12 fills my specific definition of an excellent black: a tone on tone with a perceptible but not overwhelming pattern and the Navy (55) and Purple (66) are gorgeous.

Marbella already has a rave review from Vicki Welsh, a sister maker who is a quilter, fabric dyer and blogger. Vicki writes: “One of the things I love about the Wonderlust collection is the colors of the Marbella. The three shades of red and the three shades of green make for a great gradient transition and that makes them perfect for doing transparency effects. You have to follow the muse....”
Here‘s the link to Vicki‘s blog: http://www.colorwaysbyvicki.com/blog

Wonderlust Repeat Sizes
1710    Super Kaleiders    24” x 44”
1711    Tapestry              4.8” x 44”
1712    Good Vibrations    8” x 7.6”
1713    Electric Slide        8” x 8”
1714    Marbella              12” x 8” Half Drop