THE PIECED SNOWFLAKE/Not currently available

Intermediate to advanced skill workshop

NOTE: This class is currently not available.

Limit: 18 students in 2 day class
20 students in 2+ day class
Recommended Format: 2, 2 1/2, 3 or 4 day workshop

Explore the common hexagonal pattern and endless variety of structural details synonymous with a snow crystal. The class covers a unique machine-piecing technique and both color and fabric guidelines for translating this pure gem of nature into fabric.

Supplies (* will be available for purchase in class)

1. Graph paper with an eight-to-the-inch grid and a bold inch line; one sheet per student will be provided by instructor.
*2. Sheets of see-through plastic template material with an eight-to-the-inch grid and a bold inch line.
3. A thin 12" x 2" ruler made of clear plastic with accurate one-eighth-inch grid lines.
4. Well-sharpened pencils with ample and accessible erasers
*5 .Extra fine-point permanent marker, Ex: PILOT® Extra Fine Point Permanent Marker, SCA-UF.
6. A method for marking dark-colored fabric. Consider white chalk pencil that can be sharpened to a fine point or extra-fine, light-colored jelly pens (must be permanent)
7. Fabric scissor
8. Template/paper scissors
9. Set-up for rotary cutting, including a rotary cutter, ruler and mat
10. Sewing machine with well-defined quarter-inch seam allowance guide.
11. General sewing supplies
12. See-thru ziplock baggies to hold templates

Color: Class examples are in diverse blues, silver and white against dark blue ground. Stick to a color family with flexibility. If it catches your eye, bring it!

Fabric: Important: Intricately printed fabrics with at least 6or 12 on-grain motifs which are identical and bilaterally symmetrical; in other words, the motif can be divided into identical halves by a line passing through the center. Also good: mirror-imaged motifs printed off-grain (ie: paisleys).

Background: Access to 2 yards of dark allover print which reads as solid.

Also: 1/4 to 1/2 yards of big and small all-over prints including textures, gradations, stripes, marbled, stuff speckled with silver. Bring prints on a background similar to the quilt's intended background.

For examples, please see:
Snowflakes & Quilts or Kaleidoscopes & Quilts (C&T Publisher) by Paula Nadelstern.
American Quilter, Spring '94, Patchwork Quilt Tshushin, 1997 #78