Although my everyday life often rushes past the particulars, my creative life celebrates them. I’ve found essential words, words I can live by, embedded in my quilting: insight, imagination, mastery, nuance. For me, art is in the details and this collection is all about the details.

The four patterns in NUANCE are prima donnas because they are composed of motifs that are the exact duplicates of one another. You’ll grow to appreciate these versatile motifs because, in the end, you will get credit for the work they do.

“Tile” (#4316) and “Ribbonwork” (#4317) are bilaterally symmetrical patterns, the kind of intricate prints I rely on heavily to render an image bursting with complexity. “Stripe” (#4318) is a hybrid: part classic stripe, part symmetrical.  “Kaleidoscopics” (#4315) is a stunning success. Its fine distinctions speak to both my sense of a kaleidoscope and the skills of Team Benartex.  

Released simultaneously as a 32-piece collection, SUNSTONE is an allover pattern colored to go with NUANCE.

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